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Peace Offering

Here we have a representation of a human, a man, fractured in layers. From one point however, he is seen, to the observer, as a whole. At that moment, he is recognised, in celebration, openness and vulnerability, as the bearer of a great flower to a similarly fractured world. In this work, I’ve made use of the Anamorphic process, where arbitrary found objects align, from one point of view, to present a recognisable image. In the use of discarded car parts, I have chosen a symbol of the environmental impact of human progress on this planet. Vehicles require roads, facilitate the development of cities and require factories. The fan, in the one hand, represents the gift of a flower.

Flowers are ‘given’ at birthdays, at weddings and funerals. Flowers are a representation of love and goodwill from the giver to the recipient. This work is a small gesture from the machines, the product of human industry, to the people that created them and now live on this planet. A peace offering, between a harsh mechanical world and a potentially whole, nurturing and balanced planet.

by George Holloway

George Holloway is a ‘mature’ man, but a young artist, whose first formal artwork was exhibited in 2013. While studying Fine Art at the Natal Technikon (now DUT), Holloway majored in Sculpture, under the tuition of Andries Botha, and consistently worked with Found Objects as a sculptural medium, which led to the use of metal offcuts from a series of projects utilising 6mm roundbar.

Arriving in Joburg in 2014, Holloway resided in a studio in the CBD, and worked on the ‘Think Bench’ project for RMB, contracting to the Workhorse Bronze Foundry, now installed at RMB’s Sandton head office. Since its completion, Holloway has been making art from Nugget Square, an artistic hub in the CBD, where many artists have worked from over the last five years, with Gordon Froud at the centre of this exiting space.


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